Is HTC users or fans becoming like Lumia fans?

*Since i typed up a lot of this on Reddit going to just revise this for here.

I'm going to nitpick the comments on The Verge lately, i feel that although the HTC One is a great phone so is the Galaxy S 4 and there is way more areas where it shines the it does not. I feel a lot of people are bashing the Galaxy S4 and saying the HTC One is better i find those words are a big stretch. If you're a power user, you have to option to disable a lot the apps or root (yes i know this argument again, but it IS effective). Now, people may say "why should i have to do that already, it should come that way" and i agree, but how many people get a Nexus for instance and use Nova Launcher(a form of change), change the sms app, change the browser, add this or that. The great thing about Android is you can buy an amazing phone like the GS4 and completely change a lot about the UI, albeit have to be rooted in certain instances. This phone have great strengths like:

  • LPDDR3 ram instead of LPDDR2.
  • 1.9 GHZ CPU and Anandtech said it is different from other S.D 600 Socs (they are investigating more about the CPU in the GS4 which is APQ8064AB).
  • Amazing detail in camera (some say best Android camera like the verge in the video review) for daylight photos and questionable night photos.
  • 5 in 1080p screen in a small body (thinner, lighter, etc).
  • Latest Android version.

Obviously, if you really dislike the design, you have to look at it everyday so you will not want something that don't appeal to your taste. For me, it doesn't look ugly or gorgeous, it just looks "normal". I think what gets me a little agitated a tad is that people here on The Verge is so up in arms about the design that they ignore the good, but then again this is just a repeat of last year.

I don't question that people legitimately want a better design phone from Samsung, but i honestly think some of those people wouldn't have got it anyway and want to bash it simply to bash it, you see more people preaching about that people should just get the HTC One than you see people preaching not to get the HTC and get the GS4, maybe i'm under a rock, but most articles top comments goes something like this "HTC wins", "this the year of HTC", "look at this plastic crap", it reminds me of when Windows Phone fans was preaching about the Lumia, i mean i think the HTC one is a great phone, but come on.