Looking for a special app overlay

Why I'm looking for it

Screens have gotten bigger, and with it the phone have become harder to handle and reach all areas of the screen with one hand. The OEM's haven't been done much to handle this problem, or Google making android better fit for those bigger screens. There have been third party apps trying to solve this problem with using gestures and touching special area of the screen. That is nice and all, but it comes with some problems, first if you use touch area like glovebox you will loose area of the screen to that app which is a problem, since quite a lot of apps take fully use of the whole area of the screen. Then there is gesture, which is nice and all, however gesture aren't really possible inside apps in pretty much all cases, so you might only be able to use it on the homepage. These all suffer from the fact that they all are being to traditional, and forgetting the fact it is actually a smartphone not just a screen. Take look a look at apps like tasker that actually use more of the phone, than just the screen, but doesn't have much competition, so you have to settle with something that have quite a bad usability and not easy to use interface. Anyway that is enough rambling, now to the main point.

What I'm looking for

I'm looking for an app in the shape of an app overlay/launcher, that take use of the accelerometer to perform actions. For the type of action, it would be such things like doing a fast downward tilt with the bottom of the phone, will bring the notification shade down. A sideways left tilt would take you backward, and a right way tilt will open menu, or open X app. The type of tilt or action could or should be customizable, especially since it is hard to know what type of tilt will work best for different people and user cases. If some apps needs the permission to use the accelerometer, it will be disabled, and when that app is shutdown, this app will start again. Since it might be a bit difficult to remember and learn all these new way to use your phone, you can have fade in transparent icon of the action you will be performing, if you choose to do a fast tilt of the current way you are tilting the phone.

So does anyone know of any app that come close to this?