Battery Life is the most important spec

With high phones all having ultra fast processors it seems like the spec race is fast becoming a mute topic. Which is why it seems like the major hot topic these days is build quality. Personally I think that's more of preference rather than a hardcore stat to become compared like processor speed for camera performance. So in essence, the build quality topic is becoming mute as well. The one area I see none of these phones seriously improving in is battery. Yes, we can carry chargers and extended batteries and battery packs with us but for those long days where there isn't a charger in site, we are either forced to turn the screen brightness down or underclock. Would it not be better to have improved battery tech to the point where we can use our smartphones and not have to worry about things like GPS, Wi-Fi, screen brightness and how long a game is played because of battery life? After all, if your battery is dead or dying with no charger in sight, that 1080p screen with all those features become meaningless.

Just wondering if this is truly an issue for anyone or if most of us are just willing to wait until battery tech catches up.