(Updated) My HTC ONE is Here!! . . .The Good & Bad

As time goes on I will write what its like to use the features of the device. For instance, using it as a remote. Is it a fail or a win. Below is the out of box experience and first impressions.

After my initial excitement over getting the phone. I quickly became irritated with it. Not the "One" itself but all the BLOAT I had to disable. For instance that ratchet "Lookout" app can not be un-installed without root. So I disabled it. Next T-Mobile put's all this info in the notification shade that you can not get rid of without diving into settings, it's billing etc.

The home button will take some getting use to as well as the lock button . . . all the way at the top left. ALSO there are at least 12 bloated apps on here that I've had to disable, about three or 4 are useful. Why Tmo . . . WHY???

A positive, and something that I REALLY REALLY Love. The app drawer stays open even when you lock the screen and turn it back on. It does not go back to home, sometimes I do just want a gird of apps to get in and get out and this made my day. Something Nova launcher does not do.

Next the first thing you might want to replace is the keyboard. I thought Samsung's keyboard was bad. HTC's is just as bad if not worse, it's pretty but the layout is a nightmare hell ride. If you love to type in portrait the side of the phone will make a perfect place to rest your pointer finger while your thumbs work.

Chrome is on here. No thanks! I'll use HTC's browser. I really wish the stock browser on the Nexus was available in the play store, it's by far the best browser I've ever used. Next is HTC's browsers, then the iPhone browser and then Sammys. . . . then Chrome.

Blinkfeed- I love it!!! Thanks HTC.

LED - Feels good to be back with HTC, the LED light for me is the best. I hated the one on the GS3 although I love the one on the Nexus. So it's a toss. HTC or Nexus both wins!

Camera- I'm not sure yet. It does the whole letting in a crap ton of light pretty well. But as far as picture quality it looks just as good as my GS3. But I know I can't blow pics up the way I would with the GS3. Not that I did often anyways.

Beat- Once again. . . thank you HTC.

My fav feature so far. THE SCREEN. It pops off the device, I was worried about the Blacks not being dark enough but they really are dark. I'm happy. This is my phone for the next two years.

Those are my impressions. - I should say. . . setting up an Android phone has always been a pain the the Arse.

Initial Response to out of box experience below.

BRANDING!!! I got it with TMo. I heard Sprint also had no branding. This is the first phone I've ever owned without Carrier's molesting the device with their brand. Can anyone . . . . oh nvm VZW does not have it yet. Well does anyone know if ATT put branding on theirs??

Good to see Apple and Sammy are not the only two who can sway carriers to keep their paws off the hardware.

PS: I took photos and was going to upload and do thought but then I thought if everyone did that for every device this place would be a mess.

But here are some first impressions:

1. It's really loud. Boom Sound is not a gimmick, . . . buttt no one needs speakers this loud startling them out their sleep for notifications.

2. It feels insane in the hand. Really amazing coming from an S3. But the in hand feeling has been over hyped IMO. Yet it's still the best looking and designed feeling and looking phone . . . imo.

3. The screen is amazing. No but's here I just hope we don't try going over 1080p because it will be pointless.

4. I'm worried that over time the white lines for the attena will get dirty and one drop of this phone and it's game over. It's going to dent. It's just as fragile as the iPhone. I'll give Sammy and Nokia a hand up, when you drop their devices they still have a chance to survive the fall. It normally take me awhile to drop a phone I normally finally mess up after about 11months, and by that time I am already making my next purchase.

5. This may be the first phone I keep for two years. I've never said that but I'll say it for this phone.

Ok now my thoughts on Sammy.

1. There was one feature on my GS3 that only Sammy has and I told myself I would miss it. But for some reason I can't remember what it was now from the excitement.

That's all.

Call me a fan boy. HTC FTW.