David Pierce: Two High Profile Reviews?

The HTC One and Samsung S4.

Without question, these are the most prolific phones in Android world. Their reviews would come under much criticism regardless of the outcomes.

So how did David come to have the privilege of doing reviews for both? Seems kinda strange....

Last year, Chris Ziegler did the HTC One X and Vlad Savov had the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Two different reviewers, giving two different reviews. Its odd that one person would be given this task.....

On the other hand, it makes sense. David could compare both from his own standpoint and to his own knowledge compare the two phones thusly,

The other hand though speaks of maybe a clear disposition to a preference for one phone without giving merits to another.

Of course, all reviews are completely opinionated pieces, so each should be taken with a grain of salt. It does make me wonder though if it would have been better to have Chris and Vlad do the follow ups on these devices....

What do you all think?