HTC One battery life questions

Hello all! I'm trying to decide between these wonderful new phones coming out. Obviously with the S4 and Optimus G Pro I can change out the battery at will if I run out of juice. Unfortunately with the HTC One that is not possible. However, having used one for a few hours I LOVE how it feels and the camera/software are both great.

Now to my question. I consider myself a fairly heavy phone user. I sent around 50-60 sms messages each day, take around 10-20 photos and spent ~4-5 browsing the web daily (on wi-fi). I also will occasionally watch an hour of Netflix and play 30-40 min of moderate gaming. Those who have the HTC One, do you feel I would make it through the day with this type of usage? My concern is with a bigger & better phone (coming from the iPhone 4) I will use the One even more and I can not afford to have whatever phone I get die on me in the middle of the day. Any thoughts about my usage and your battery life experiences are greatly appreciated. Thank you!