Good Gaming Laptop for Good Price?!

Salutations fellow Verge members! As an avid Windows PC fan, I have been searching for a really good laptop in terms of performance and portability for me to use on the go. To describe how I use my laptop, I would use my laptop for schoolwork on major projects for events such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. I also see myself using my laptop for work purposes in the future as well. You may be wondering as to why do I need performance? Not only for just day to day tasks and uses, but I am also a pretty huge fan of pc gaming so why not game here and there. After searching for quite some time around Asus, Dell, HP, and even Apple, I think I may have found the perfect laptop for me and I was wondering if I could have some feedback if I'm making the right call here with the Lenovo Y400. Sure this may be a gaming laptop, but for the price of what I'm paying for gaming laptops nowadays I think that this is a really good deal considering the specs and this company's reputation towards the PC industry. Thoughts and opinions? Y400-hero-ribbon_medium