I'm not convinced Google Glass will succeed

If we pit the Google Glass against potential smartwatches from the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc., I am not convinced about its potential. I envision smartwatches being, well, watches, that display notifications and information. They have limited touch interfaces and can also be used to do voice searches. (Siri, Google Now, Bing, etc)

Now consider the pros and cons of Glass, over smartwatches:


- Ability to take pictures

- Ability to stream/record video

- Ability to get turn by turn walking/cycling directions

- Bluetooth headset


- Social stigma of wearing a device that obscures part of your face

- Social stigma of wearing a camera at all times that may or may not be recording

Is it really worth it? How many people use G+ hangouts? How often do people video chat at all? Personally, the only time I see people do video chats are when they are abroad, and they all use their computers at home/hotel for said chats. And the camera - well, I guess you can shave a couple of second of the time it takes for you to take a picture vs. a cellphone.

I feel there will be a stigma around Glass that Google has to overcome. This is something they're already started work at by releasing pictures of models wearing it, having it worn at a fashion show and seeding it to a select group of #ifihadglass winners. Very few people wear bluetooth headsets, as it still is a stigmatized device. If you want a character in a movie/show to look like jerk, make him where a BT.

But I think the biggest problem is the camera on Glass - this will have a lot of people feeling very suspicious around Glass owners.

Another thing to point out is that I feel there is a stigma over using voice controls at all - but this applies to smartwatches too.

So, my point is that I feel the vast majority of people will choose buying a smartwatch over Glass. I don't think the pros outweigh the cons for the device.