Apple's Worst Designs?

We talk all the time about our favorite Apple hardware and software, but nothing's perfect and The Fruit is no exception. They've definitely released their share of design-duds.

There are the obvious ones (hockey puck mouse!!) but my personal pick would have to be the iPhone 3G. It was just ugly, and represented a real step backwards in iPhone design. Thicker and wider than the original, made of cheap-feeling plastic, and not better in any way besides the 3G radios which, let's be real, should have been there from the beginning.

The plastic, really, is the worst offense. Plastic is somewhat justifiable when the user is supposed to be fiddling with the casing (I'm looking at you and your swappable batteries, Samsung) but not in something like the iPhone.

But, hey, it sold!

What are your favorite examples of Apple's stumbles?