Samsung GS4 Plastic: Is it really as bad as the internet is saying?

I was lucky enough to touch and handle the GS4 briefly, and I say it's not as bad as the internet seems to imply. If you read online amongst numerous blogs and forums, you would think that it's a cheap plastic handset. Yeah, it's plastic, but it's not like you are handling a KIRF chinese phone. It's not different than the GS3 and Galaxy Note feel. It feels fine to me, and I own the iPhone 4 and Nexus 4. Despite the plastic, it feels solid, no creaks/bending that is usually associated with cheap plastic handsets. I don't see the sides being plastic to be an issue either.

What strikes me was the bezel and the size. It actually feels fairly normal to hold, despite the large screen size. The handset's weight feels alright too. I really dig the dual camera feature. As for the gestures, I can see that they are only good for demo purposes.

To me, Touch Wiz actually is the one that makes the GS4 look cheap, not the plastic. If you turn on the HTC One, you are greeted with blink feed. This creates a premium feel as it is a different and new experience compared to previous HTC phones. With the GS4, you are greeted with Touch Wiz, the same look and feel as any cheapo Samsung low end phones. That's a real turn off for me. Makes you feel that you are still using an iPhone copycat.

There are other reasons to dislike Samsung and the GS4. Although personally I prefer the Nexus 4 and HTC One, I think the "cheap" plastic notion is overblown. If people are fine with the GS3, Note, and Note 2's plastic, then I don't see how the GS4 plastic to be any different.