What was your first iPod? First song you bought on iTunes?


The iTunes Store turns 10 this weekend, and we just published a big look back at how it helped change the music industry. While the piece looks mostly at the store itself, the impact of the iPod hardware itself can't be overlooked. Back in 2001, Apple's marketshare was in the tank and most consumers had little to no interaction with its products.

The iPod really changed that in a dramatic way. Apple pulled out all the stops — there really was something otherwordly and powerful about that tiny white rectangle and its beautiful, scratch-prone back. I have a click-wheel iPod (black, 120GB) and while it doesn't get much use these days, it's still a hugely capable piece of gear. The battery lasts forever and a day, and it obviously carries a ridiculous amount of music. It's great for cross-ocean flights and vacations (also good for the car), though I've been listening to so much music on Rdio lately that my iTunes collection is not quite as current as I'd like it to be.

But, I digress. That iPod wasn't my first, not by a long shot. My first iPod was a second-generation 10GB model that I picked up in October of 2002. I didn't own a Mac at the time, so I had to use MusicMatch Jukebox to sync music over — what a pain that was. However, once I transfered my carefully-curated library over, it was all good. The whole experience, from opening the package through to actually playing music was just excellent, particularly once I picked up a Mac and started using iTunes. I wish I had never sold it. At the time, it was without a doubt the most carefully crafted product I had ever purchased.

What was YOUR first iPod? And for a bonus question — what was the first song you purchased from iTunes? You can check if you go into the store and pull up your account. Mine was a full album: The Very Best of John Coltrane.

Image credit: timeshifted (Flickr)