Why Windows RT Is the Future

With all of the initial confusion between WRT and W8, people wondered why RT was even an option. It's essentially just the start screen with office capabilities in the desktop.

But that's just it.

What better way to get people used to the new touch UI, metro, and still use the Windows branding on it? Slap the Start screen on a 10" touch screen, that also uses Office, and is offered at a lower price range.

Sure, RT is basically awful right now, but if MS would fix the bugs, allow metro apps to load faster, and basically get it to work as fast as W8, non-power users (most of the market) would eat it up.

Wasn't the purpose of integrating the metro design and touch interface to compete with the iPad?

Windows RT fixed up and put onto some serious hardware would compete very well with say the iPad mini, the Nexus 7, etc. A low-powered Windows device that worked smoothly offered at a competitive price range would be a serious contender in the tablet game.

Doesn't MS want in on all the tablet hubba with the PC market dying?

If so, then what's keeping them from getting Windows RT Blue out into the market?

You can't tell me you wouldn't buy a 8-9" tablet with a smooth RT experience for $349-$499.

But the keys are patching up WRT, serious hardware, and competetive pricing.

I'd love to see a Surface RT Blue on the shelf at Best Buy for $429.99.