Mac OS X 10.9: What I want to see regarding Launchpad.

Launchpad is by far one of the nicest looking application browsers I've seen. You could argue there are better applications of this concept in other operating systems, but it is my opinion that Launchpad just looks nice without feeling bulky, complicated, or unnecessary.

With the trackpad, I like having launchpad just a gesture away. It makes going through menus to find an app-launcher seem like such an archaic thing to do. Which, by the way, if I'm in Spotlight or Finder, I'm just going to launch the app from anyways. With that said, Launchpad is missing out on some necessary components that any computer should include.

First, there's the ever-frustrating lack of page management. It just gets to me that Apple failed to include any sort of overview of your pages in Launchpad. I would even be happy if it mimicked Mission Control, showing several pages overhead after a long press, or by pressing option, so that I could just drop an icon to that page.

Also, going along with that same tangent, I often wish I could move entire pages around. However, with the ability to only drag around one app at a time, this is something I would only dream of undertaking if I had a large excess of free time. Something this simple should not take so long when I'm sitting at a fully capable machine!

The last thing, I wish folders looked a bit nicer. I just find them sort of look ugly. Maybe this is just a personal thing, but I want colour-coded folders. While it may seem insignificant, picking different colours for category specific apps really would help to distinguish what you're looking for in a page with multiple folders.