Could the Find 5 be Androids new Enthusiast and DeveloperBaby?

Before I start this post, I must clarify that I am not affiliated with or have any connection to Oppo whatsoever. I am simply an android enthusiast.

When the Android nation thinks of OEM's that matter, they think of the Samsung's, HTC's, Sony's, Motorola's, and LG's of the world. Sure there are other OEM's such as ZTE and Huawei from China and Blu technologies from Florida but none have gained mainstream success. To add to these OEM's that have not yet gone mainstream is a company out of, yet again, China who has taken an interesting stance in comparison to their brethren.

Oppo, well known for their bluray players and MP3 players has never been what is considered a player in the mobile realm. That could change with their newest product, the Find 5. Having just released what is arguably the highest quality Android phone ever, rivaling even HTC's One, Oppo could have a real winner on its hands. What is even more notable however is the inclusion of some interesting marketing.

The aim of this device seems to be trying to capitalize on the complaints heard from the most hardcore of Android users and, in essence, be the flagship that this demographic has always wanted. A quick look at their website will show the following statements.

Frequent Updates:

Tired of waiting six months for an update? The find 5 is updated twice a month with new features and fixes

This covers off the hardcore users but Oppo goes further and tries to create something that developers salivate over.

Open Handset Alliance:

Oppo is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, working together with Google to keep the android platform open


Made by Community:

Not only is the Find 5 made for you, it is made by you. Suggest new features on the Oppo forums and see them implemented!

Then of course the kicker. Have you ever seen a manufacturer, on the main product page, give a bigger shout out to open source? They even go as far as to directly make mention of the XDA Forums.


So lets say you are a company that wants your hardware in the hands of developers everywhere. What is the best way to do that? Free global shipping is a pretty good start and that is what Oppo is going for.

So let's gauge some opinions here. Is the Find 5's target audience large enough to sustain this product? Do you think a premium Android phone that is open to the core has a chance to compete at this price point when relatively premium Nexus devices can be had for $150 less?

I think one thing is certain, a company like Oppo, without the marketing budget of a Samsung has a long, hard road ahead of it. The real question is, do you think they will travel it well and become what could possibly become the Nexus we always wanted?