Building a PC

Let me describe my scenario. I'm a graduating engineer that's selling his gaming laptop and then deciding what computer will serve me best in the future. Much will be decided in the next couple months with the all of the announcements happening (I/O, XBOX, Haswell, etc.)

Things I do:

- video editing (nothing fancy)

- Used to do CAD, however, will have a work laptop if that's necessary

- torrent

- typical media consumption

- Some gaming (this is where by decision waffles)

So, ideally I'd like to build myself a nice desktop that will be able to play BF4 on Ultra settings when it's released. However, if the new consoles turn out to be drool-worthy I'll likely sell my 360 and pick up the new Xbox, However, if it's a bunch of stuff I can live without, I'll likely keep my 360, get GTA V when it comes out and then get BF4 for my new desktop.

My question to you is this. How much am I going to need to drop in order to build a desktop capable of BF4 on Ultra settings? I recognize the final specs aren't out yet, but I'm sure reasonable guesses can me made.

If it were you, would you rather have a laptop and a new console? Or a powerful desktop and a 360?