My MBP Retina is AWESOME!

So I got the 15.4in Retina not to long ago.... And WOW. Not only is it fast and really thin, But the main thing (obvious) Is the screen.

Like if you played with retina screens or have a iDevice you can tell right off the bat that the retina is probably the best screen on the market. But seeing the MBP 15.4 Retina. It takes screen quality and sharpness to a different level. I have it at half brightness and on the place it was lighting up like half of the plane.... lol not really but it was lighting up in the area where i was sitting. But the reason i am posting this because I love my MBP Retina and it's worth the 2,600 bucks i paid. I am not regretting it! And the speakers sound better and louder to!

I just hate when I hear people call Apple "not innovative" Well damn the MBP Retina destroys any computer out there and there is NO competition for the MBP Retina i am sorry there isn't!

Comment below and if you have one how do you like it?

Thank you for reading!