Is the Helix what you've been waiting for?

When Microsoft released windows 8, it was no secret that they hoped to merge the tablet and ultrabook markets into a single segment, undoing with apple did with the iPad back in 2010. Until now, neither Microsoft, nor OEMs have managed to create something that truly replaces your tablet and ultrabook at home.

Lennovo is finally now shipping their Helix hybrid, which in my eyes is the first true innovation related to windows 8 since its release. While very expensive, when viewed as a true tablet and ultrabook replacement, it suddenly makes a lot of sense.

Say you get a $1,200 ultrabook and a $400 tablet.

Suddenly you are at $1,600 and now have two devices. With the Helix, you get a more powerful (although slightly less portable) tablet, and a top-end ultrabook, for $100 less than the previous combination, not to mention a Wacom digitizer, and 10hr battery life.

Of course, there is still the argument to be had about the Win8 ecosystem, but with this device, it seems that Windows suddenly again has a value proposition for top-end hardware, even when compared to Macs.

Why isn't anyone else more excited about this? Why isn't it headlining all over the Verge? We have had incremental steps in innovation for years, but now we finally have a finally a zero sacrifice, throw everything and the kitchen sink into it and more type of device. Even if it's pricy, why doesn't anyone else besides me seem to be drooling over it?

On a side note, every university student in the world should purchase this device, simply for it's OneNote capabilities, and use as an actual laptop.