If iOS 7 is not amazing...I may consider switching to the HTC One.

My gut says that this is not going to happen, because Tim Cook at WWDC is going to unveil a mind-blowing new version of iOS 7 that adresses all of the shortcomings I have with it, and breath new life into the iOS ecosystem...but...if that doesn't happen...which is a possibility, I may consider switching to the HTC One. The industrial design is on par with the iPhone 5. The screen is significantly better in that it is higher pixel density, bigger, and just looks freaking amazing. I don't know that much about Android, but I'm sure I can learn.

For the record, my first computer was an Apple IIC and I have been ensconced in the Apple ecosystem ever since.

I've owned every iPod, iPhone, iPad...i-everything.

I've owned one windows Vista machine, and never liked it...otherwise, I am about as hardcore Apple as it gets.

And while there is no denying the original iPhone was "5 years ahead of the competition," the competition has caught up, and with the HTC One...it is now 6months-1 year ahead of Apple.

In my opinion, this WWDC is clutch for Apple. They NEED to deliver big. They are selling a boatload of iPhones, but the recent financial numbers clearly show that the "explosive" growth is starting to level out. This doesn't matter that much to me...what matters is that I used to be blown away by anything new from Apple...that ended with the iPhone 4 and plummeted with iOS 6.

I have a lot of faith that Apple is going to deliver BIG at WWDC with iOS 7...my expectations are extremely high, because I think Apple is an amazing company that does their best work when the competition is nipping at their heals. But if they don't, I may seriously consider switching to the HTC One. Any one else considering this?