Can we talk about the repetitive iOS stagnation posts for a second?

I don't think I've ever gone a day browsing the forums that I didn't see a post like, "Y IOS old" or, "iOS bad"

Let's actually take a moment and look at iOS's actual problems.

Bad Third Party Integration

On Android, you can upload an article to pocket straight from the browser if the app is installed. 3rd party apps have more control within the OS unlike on iOS. On iOS, Apple is the one that integrates the services, and currently the only services are Twitter, Facebook and iMessage. For example, if you want to upload a photo to Dropbox from your camera roll, you have to exit the photos app, open Dropbox, and upload from there. On Android you could upload to Dropbox straight from the photos app. 3rd party integration is easily the weakest point in iOS.

Changing settings and getting quick information is inefficient

Unlike on Android, there are no quick settings. If you want to change a setting on iOS, you're going to need to go into the settings app. While this could also go along with 3rd party integration, there are no 3rd party widgets. iOS DOES HAVE WIDGETS. There is a Weather widget and a stock widget, both of which are excellent. There are also buttons (not seen here) that allow you to tweet or post to Facebook. (Not really widgets, but they are more efficient.) There simply needs to be a way for developers to add widgets for their apps, which the user could turn on or off.


... That's it.

There are really no other problems with iOS. What else is it really missing? Every time I come the forums I see people saying, "iOS has not changed enough! If iOS 7 isn't different, I'm switching to Android!" (Which, let's be honest, you won't)

The reason iOS has changes so little is because unlike Android, it pretty much got it right on the first try.


"The iPhone is 5 years ahead of the competition." -Steve Jobs, 2007

Clearly he knew what he was talking about. While Android was, well, terrible at launch, iPhone OS was just about perfect. It was smooth, and there was nothing else like it. Sure it was missing some things, but those refinements came over time, and made the OS better. It didn't need an overhaul. In fact, Android didn't match iOS until 2011.

This wasn't meant to be an Android bashing post. Android right now is ahead in terms off efficiency. But people saying that iOS needs to be reinvented is ridiculous. There is absolutely no reason for it. Change for change sake is not good. Now hopefully we can stop seeing shoddy iOS concepts and "I'm switching!!!1!!11" posts in the forums every 5 seconds.