Has Microsoft destroyed their Xbox brand?

The Xbox brand has from the start tried to disconnect itself from Microsoft, if you look at your controller and box the Microsoft logo's are barely visible. They did this purposely.


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No clear visible Microsoft branding on retail box.


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Sony branding all over the place

With Microsoft having gone through a major company wide re-branding I feel like they might tarnish the Xbox brand. Because associating a popular "young and hip" brand with Windows doesn't make sense, thats why didn't do it in the first place.

A lot of people feel like Windows 8 and the entire re-brand that comes with it is all bad news, although I do like Windows 8 and the new Start Menu it had a lot of negative media attention. I also think that because the Windows brand had been so degraded by their own doing they are now compiling all their failed products/brands in one with a very successful one, "Xbox". (Zune, Games for Windows Live etc.)

I can tell you now that Xbox Music (zune) sucks even more than it did before, and it's presence on Xbox is more of a nuisance. They should have just kept it simple with a standard music player and build a strong partnership with Spotify which is a healthy brand and it does what Xbox Music tries to do for much cheaper!

Xbox used to be associated with core gamers and big titles, in the early days of the 360 there used to be awesome demo's coming out all of the time, now they are most Kinect family game demos.

They are trying to tap into the same source Nintendo used to sell loads of Wii's now look where it got them with the Wii U.

Microsofts first party titles and amount of studio's compared to Sony are laughable (Although Halo still is king of the hill for me).

I've been an "Xbox guy" since the original one came out, but now I'm seriously doubting the Xbox brand as to first party titles. EA is the worst publisher ever and Ubisoft is copy pasting their business model, I don't want to be stuck with just their tripple A titles and a lot of gamers I've talked to on Live agree.


I don't think all the secrecy around this "always on thing" does Microsoft any good, if they do confirm this in may, I think they are going to be hit hard by Sony.