The Real Advantage of iPad 4 over iPad 3

It may be too late to talk about speed comparisons at this point of time, but for those of you who are thinking of getting a new iPad soon, I thought this might help.

There are so many videos on YouTube comparing the speed between iPad 4 and 3, and I'm like, the difference won't even be noticeable for someone who switch from 3 to 4. And that contrasts the 2.5X benchmark score that iPad 4 manages to get over iPad 3. Then, I found the the real comparison video that shows where the power of the A6X chip really shines.

So for those of you who use a lot of photo and video processing applications, iPad 4 is actually more than 2 times faster than 3 in everything.

But for gaming, not so much. And Anandtech explains in detail why this is so. Basically, when Apple says that the GPU performance has increased by two times, it doesn't mean that it has doubled every aspect of the GPU. While the shader performance is doubled, the memory bandwidth isn't. The performance difference also depends on what the developer decides to do with the extra horsepower. In most cases, the developers decide to utilize only a little bit of the extra horsepower because they want their games to be playable on as many devices as possible.

So, yeah, I thought these were useful, and hopefully some of you may benefit from these.