Why the iPhone Dominates Samsung's Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is loaded with great technology, but many of the new fun features have compromised the experience. In the following video, Fool contributor Daniel Sparks highlights many of the negative aspects of reviews on the new smartphone, including duplicate apps from Samsung and Google's Android that seem at war with each other, sluggish performance when new features like Smart Pause are enabled, and a frustrating Smart Scroll feature.

All Things D: Complain about the phone being sluggish on simple tasks.
But that is the main reason no other smartphone has won the JD Power of Associates for being customer friendly and the iPhone 5 is another Apple item that is being reliable and nothing ever goes wrong. So for being the best to satisfy customers and keep out selling galaxy phones and Apple don't need to put the most powerful processor and a huge ram just to make a phone smooth and Samsung still somehow has sluggish and lag in a phone that has more power than most laptops. Yeah I know I will have haters on this post but oh well. But i think it should be a main factor how Apple cares about the customer and makes the worlds best and most reliable devices.