I feel Quality of this review (of Galaxy S4) is 1000 times better than what the current day tech reviewers have become. What do you feel?

Guys, I just came across this YouTube review on Galaxy S4 this morning. Wow! I can't describe how much i liked the unique presentation and flow of this review.

When present day tech reviewers are growing arrogant by the day and trying to bluntly push their subjective point of view to the readers (like 'terrible design', 'gross to hold', etc), without any objective reasoning, this reviewer adopts a different kind of approach where she presents all the facts very nicely & slowly and steers you to come to a conclusion by yourself.

The verge video review of the Galaxy S4 left me with so many questions -' why is the guy saying this?', 'did he try out this option and still feel the same about this feature?, 'may be he didn't try out that option correctly'', etc.

But the below video review kind of presented me everything whatever i wanted to know (in an objective way) and gave enough information to make up my mind on the Galaxy S4.

See it for yourself and let me know what you feel!

Samsung Galaxy S4 In-depth Review And User Experience (via Uoobe Vid)