Genuinely curious: How often do you reboot your PC that you need a boot to desktop option?

I am a long time Mac user and I'm really curious why so many people say they really need this function.

I'm running Windows 8 on a media PC (XBMC) and I really like this version of Windows, it's easy to use, fast, clean and it feels way more steady. I rarely reboot my media pc (once a month maybe) and when I do I can log in with my remote and have to click 'enter' on the right tile only once to start XBMC, done.

My Mac's rarely reboot, they usually go without rebooting for months.

So I am really curious, what jobs, PCs, functions, things do you guys do that makes you have to reboot your PCs so often that booting to desktop is actually a feature needed.

(Not trying to start a flame war, just curious)