MMS Messaging Help!

Hey everyone! Yesterday I became the proud new owner of a HTC One which I love. My wife is currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note II. I noticed this morning when sending MMS pictures to my wife that she receives a box that says 'Download' but when she hits it the phone will 'download' forever and then just stop. I don't know if this matters but the size is always 32kb when she 'receives' the message no matter what picture I send her even if it's closer to 800/900Kb on my phone. Also, when she sends pictures from her Galaxy Note II to my HTC One it just sits on her screen and I never receive anything. We checked the message history and when I was using the iPhone 4 earlier in the week we had no problem sending/receiving messages at all.

For what it's worth my wife is using the GoSMS program on her Note II but I am using the stock messenger on my HTC One. We even switched her back to the standard app that comes with the Note II and the same exact thing happens.

We have tried restarting both phones, turning different settings off/on, etc. I am very confused about this and any solutions would be greatly appreciated!