Am I the Only One Who Likes HTC Sense in the One?

I mean, compared to the gradient/skeumorphic-heavy Sense that was just a couple of years ago with that atrocious flipping clock on each homescreen, and especially compared to TouchWiz, HTC Sense on the HTC One is actually... really really nice. It looks very minimalist (the default icons per se) and IMHO, it complements the hardware *very* well.

Yes, blink feed could be annoying, and I'd rather use Flipboard for that, but other than blinkfeed, Sense looks like the best OEM skin on the market; only second to a stock Nexus. And even then, I think the new HTC Sense looks *much* better than stock Android... specifically, the icons (but that might be just me, I like flat icons and stock icons just feel too 3D).

Is there anyone else out there who thinks the same? I currently own an iPhone 5 and everytime I see the One, it makes me want to go out and buy it to replace my 5. What's there to dislike about the new Sense? Especially compared to most other options out there today?