What do you miss on your Nexus device?

So the majority of Verge readers have Nexus devices according to that recent poll.

I'm also sure the majority of Nexus owners previously owned a skinned device. I personally owned an S3 until I lost it at a gig but that's another story...

Anyway, I was wondering if there were any features from your previous phones that ran Sense, Touchwiz etc that you wish were on your phone?

Personally, I used to find the pop up player feature of the S3 pretty useful. Especially when reading reviews on some sites. I could pop out the video review and read and watch at the same time. Some of the motion controls were useful too, for example just lifting up the phone to answer it or to call someone.

So yeah is there any thing you miss from previous phones?

I guess this doesn't have to be solely limited to Nexus owners.

"Do you miss anything from your previous phones" would probably be a better title...