Post Haswell PC pricing


I'm in the market browsing for a new PC, because my current laptop has a bad battery and a loose charging port, which means I power down unexpectedly any time I move. I'm wondering if Haswell bring down the prices of Windows 8 devices, specifically first-generation devices. Ideally, I'd like a touchscreen convertible with a stylus, but almost any other piece of hardware would be better than my computer is right now, so I'm open for anything.

I know Baytrail will bring PC prices to $200 (and those devices will probably be more powerful than my Inspiron 1440 Core 2 Duo machine, at least in theory), but I may look for something that can be a Photoshop/OneNote machine.

TL;DR: Will Haswell bring prices down for first-gen hardware, and what is the best Photoshop/OneNote computer on the market right now?