The nexus 4 is no One or Galaxy, but....

....why do i have the feeling i need to buy one instead of those juggernauts?

Now don't get me wrong, i know how those two have 1080p screens, good cameras, features etc etc.

I also had a nexus 4 briefly and i did like it but the camera was so so. However, i usually use the camera for utility i.e. taking pictures of important documents etc and information stuff to keep as backup, for which it was okay-ish..

And i did have a S3, but i hated touchwizz. I put AOKP on it but the camera lost some of the functionality and that pisses me off.

My co-worker recently got a nexus 4 and i am so jealous of that stock android zipping along as if nothing is stopping it. It just "feels right" compared to sense or touchwiz.

And i have the urge to spend just $350 to buy one instead of throwing $700 on those two phones. Considering i can also buy the next nexus hopefully, which will come with good camera (my only real complaint).

Hmmm, what should i do? Do any nexus 4 owners get the temptation to dump it to buy those new monsters?