1 week with HTC One and I can't seem to fall in love

HTC one is like a hot chick you instantly feel attracted to, you hook up with her passionately multiple times and show her off to your friends but soon you begin wondering if you can see yourself waking up with her every day of your life. Here are a few problem that are making me wonder.

Problem 1 - why you wobble girl

Maybe its just me, but I place my phone on my desk and poke it all the time throughout the day. Having it wobble awkwardly (because of back curvature) on every touch makes your forget those sexy curves sooner than you think.

Problem 2 - sense still sucks

Take for instance the recents menu and button. On n4 the recents button has good visual affordance and is easy to use - essence of good ui imo. This is one of those things I wish Google enforced with its OEM partners.

But sense makes this unnecessarily hard. It might be a case of muscle memory but having to double tap the home button to get to recent apps is something I am having a hard time getting my muscles to retrain.

On top of that, laying out the apps in the recents menu as a grid rather than a list is annoying. Its easier to scan a list than a grid - any designer will tell you that. Add to that fact, I can't long press an app and uninstall it from the recents menu. This is annoying because I tend to uninstall tons of apps I download from Google play (a lof them are crap)

Then there is the notification bar. If you want to dimiss the panel you have to swipe it up from the very bottom which makes it hard to use in one hand mode.

Plus there are tons of tiny animations that after a while you start to notice but not in a nice way. This one is hard to explain but there is something off about sense animations....

Stock android gets all these simple interactions right and you don't really notice it until you have to deal with crappy UI like sense.

problem 3 - confusing htc logo

I can't tell you how many times i have pressed the htc button thinking it has some visual affordance. Placing it right in between the back and home is the single stupidest decision I think HTC has made. This is the only bad feature that actually makes me mad. Not sure why. I might need to bring this up with my therapist....

problem 4: power button

This one is not a big deal but I like being able to turn off the phone easily with one hand. Its a bit awkward when the power button is on the top rather than on the side (like n4)