Is the Nexus S still usable today? (Girlfriend's first smartphone)

Hi Army.

My girlfriend's dumbphone just crapped out, and we have about a $160 to put towards a phone from Amazon. I can chip in more, but she wouldn't let me as I'm the one that's put in all the funds currently and she feels awkward. Naturally I'm upset as it's a gift, but it's best to make her happy. :)

This money is currently Amazon credit, so the phone has to be gotten off Amazon. We also don't mind used phones. The Nexus S seems ideal as it goes used on Amazon for about $165, so that's where we're settling at the moment.

It is going to be her first smartphone, so her expectations are not very high. Her upgrade comes December so she will only be using it till then.

After all this time, is the Nexus S still useable? She needs it only to call and text, and the Nexus S's DAC is a huge bonus as she loves music and she has excellent taste in it too. She's introduced me to awesome stuff, but I'm getting carried away. So I'll summarize her use cases:

1. Calling

2. Texting

3. Music

4. Buzzfeed, Facebook, Email & Twitter.

She won't have much apps installed, and I'll disable Google now and Google Current's sync. WIll this make the Nexus S snappy enough on JellyBean? Is there another phone I should be looking at at this price range? Thanks!

I should also have mentioned that she's on AT&T, but your suggestions have been really helpful and we've decided to get the Nexus S. Thank you all so much!