Google is being strange (again).

In the Chrome Web Store there is an app called Google I/O 2013 (made by Google). Some of the screens you unlock seem bizarre to me... but then again, this is Google. This is the description of the app (highlighting is my own):

Explore the experiment

Inspired by the potential of code and the power of play, this interactive experience begins with the simple sounds of "I" and "O" when you tap the logo. Keep tapping, and the correct sequence will unlock mini-experiments, games, fun visuals and perhaps even some breakfast foods. We suggest you try it on your smartphone or tablet for the best experience.

It seems entirely pointless, which is uncharacteristic of Google.

There is everything from rockets and the moon (the rocket flies to the moon) to bacon and an egg (which you can crack and fry).

From this, I conclude that Google is going to open their very own Internet cafe chain. Google_breakfast_doodle1_medium

Or maybe Google Glass will come equipped with rocket pods and smell-o-vision. Thoughts?