Android OEMs just make terrible decisions

I've used a lot of mobile devices, and still own quite a few: N4, One X, One, Note 2, iPhone 5, Lumia 920, plenty of tablets etc.

I'm very fond of stock android and nexus devices, as we all are.

I'm just completely blown away that the two main flagships this far pretty much ignore all the progress Google has made in terms of functionality and design since 4.0.

It's a dead horse by now, but touchwiz is so ugly I'm shocked it's in several shipping devices. Look at this notification bar:



What the hell Samsung/Sprint/AT&T/etc? Two (arguably 3) are actual notifications. Surprisingly this isn't even showing the NFC Icon or Carrier Logo!

I don't think HTC's button situation needs any more elaboration, but here it is:



Two buttons and a logo, with a lovely pop up menu option:



What a terrible solution to a problem HTC created! Get rid of the horrible capacitive buttons and just use software buttons on a huge 16:9 panel and you can have an even bigger logo! Two buttons, instead of 3, just so they can advertise.

I know some of these OEMs have added cool things in the past, and will continue to do so, but I'm just baffled by the problems they create for absolutely no benefit to the end user.

An HTC One with Vanilla android and software buttons gets absolutely all of my money.