Questions from a Potential Defector to Android

Hello Android Army. I could use some advice and some not-covered-in-reviews information about Android.

Here's the deal: I'm on Sprint and I have a Windows Phone. I really love this phone and it has been the best phone I have ever owned, hands down. No real complaints.

I'm eligible now for my two-year upgrade. Sprint no longer has a Windows Phone. The rumors are that they will have one "this summer" but nothing concrete has been announced, so I'm skeptical.

I am thinking of switching to Android and getting the HTC One. I went by the Sprint store today and played with one--looks cool. I also got in on a promotion I saw on HTC's website, so if I get one by the end of the month, they'll give me $100 back, making the phone $99. That's a great deal on such a nice phone.

But I am not 100% into Google, so I have some questions. I have a Gmail, Hotmail ( and Yahoo mail account, all of which I would like to make sure get to my phone. I had been using my Google calendar but when the new Hotmail calendar came out I was really into it and have mostly switched to that. I also use Microsoft SkyDrive to store photos and documents related to my job. I realize that Android is a Google project, so since I have a lot of Microsoft stuff, I'm a little concerned.

I consider myself tech-savvy and I am the technology coordinator at a school, but one thing I really liked about Windows Phone is its simple options--it's tough to agonize about what color to make your icons when you only have like six choices. Everything just works, and I never have to play around with it unnecessarily :-)

What I'm asking is for opinions and feedback from the Android community regarding using other, non-Google services on Android, plus general opinions about the customizable nature of Android vs. the simple nature of Windows Phone.

Thanks so much! I'm sure with all the new devices coming out this spring, this forum has probably been pretty busy!


P.S.: For various reasons, I've excluded the Samsung Galaxy S 4 from my search, and I am happy with Sprint and do not wish to switch providers.