Any News on a Sprint Windows Phone?

I am eligible for an upgrade. I did have the HTC Arrive, the only Windows Phone Sprint has ever carried. What I'd really love is to get a new Windows Phone, but right now Sprint doesn't have any. I know there have been rumors that they will have one by the summer, but since that's still a rumor, I'm skeptical and concerned.

Has anyone in the Microsoft Tribe heard anything? I went by the Sprint store today and played with the HTC One and was really impressed...I could feel myself being called to the dark side and it was hard to walk out empty-handed.

I love Sprint and have no desire to switch networks, but not carrying a Windows Phone or even having any concrete plans has left me feeling really frustrated and confused. Just curious if anyone has heard anything more specific. I received a promotional offer to get $100 back on the HTC One, but I have to do it by the end of the month, which is adding to my anxiety!

Thanks, friends. :-)