On sub-optimal design and plasticky feel (and the fix)

I'm sure you guys know what I'm referring to: the GS4. The Verge review on the GS4 complains that the design looks pretty cheap and it feels bad in your hand, and I would agree assuming the quality is similar to the GS3. It just feels icky after using the phone for a while, with the back of the phone feeling oily and slippery (I do have sweaty palms though), and the curved design does not help with that. Now I'm sure some people are pretty fine with that, considering it is an all-around great phone, but I weigh the design more heavily in my purchase decisions. And I guess so does The Verge, with the HTC One getting a higher score that GS4 even though specs-wise its worse than the GS4 but the design is just superb. If Samsung were to fix the design of their phone I'm sure it will be the best phone ever.

Well how about fixing the design yourself? Just apply a case and bam! Best phone ever. There are some really good looking cases out there like the SPG Neo Hybrid case (some people will complain it looks like an iPhone, well iPhone's design is still great *prepares flame shield*), or the Otterbox defender series if you want to turn your phone into a lethal blunt throwing weapon. As far as I know I've rarely see anyone without a case for their GS3 (wallet cases seems to be quite popular in my area). Cases are something The Verge never talks about though, I guess they have to stick with the stock experience for the reviews. My question for them is will you use the GS4 as your daily driver if there is a case that fixes the problem?

tl;dr: Hate the GS4 deisgn? Get a case.