iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4

After reading the S4 review from Anandtech, I was surprised by how iPhone 5 holds up against the Galaxy S4, which has the latest cutting-edge hardware. Not saying that any phone is better than the other. It's just interesting to know.

1. Battery Life


via images.anandtech.com


via images.anandtech.com

Yes, I know, the S4 has a bigger display and a faster CPU, but it also has a much larger battery. (almost two times that of iPhone 5) The 3 to 4 hour difference is just staggering. And the thing is, while the S4's CPU is definitely faster than the A6 chip, it's not significantly faster, at least in web browsing.


via images.anandtech.com

2. GPU Performance - did someone say Galaxy S4 has the most powerful smartphone GPU?


via images.anandtech.com


via images.anandtech.com

Yes, in some benchmarks, the S4's GPU outperforms iPhone 5. But given how much bigger S4 is, it is really a miracle how Apple has managed to fit such a powerful GPU into a chip that is even 26% smaller than the previous A5 chip.

Yeah, so, that's it. And aside from the benchmarks and specs, I want to give my short opinion on the S4. I can't help but say that I am totally not envious of any Galaxy S4 user. I totally fail to understand why people are lining up to get this phone. Yeah, sure, it is undoubtedly a good solid phone. To be honest, it is above average. ( But its price is way beyond average. More expensive than iPhone 5.)

I guess everyone will be better off with HTC One unless they absolutely need expandable memory and removable battery. iPhone 5 users really need not be envious...(if you did).

It looks like Samsung set out to make a product just for the sake of advertising. It looks like they sat down and said, "What features should we add to the S4 such that they draw people's attention and make them want to buy it?". That kind of approach isn't always wrong. But when these features do not improve the actual user experience and are solely created for showing off to the passers-by and demonstration by the salesmen, the approach is utterly wrong. Everyone should try to make a truly better product and subsequently think of ways to tell the public how great it is. I really can't help but think that, had Samsung focused their energy into making a truly better S3, the S4 would have been a terrific new product that deserves to be queuing up for.

Samsung, I am sure you can do better than this.