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9to5Mac says the next version of the operating system will lose "all signs of gloss, shine and skeuomorphism".

While the look of the updated system may be surprising to some, iOS 7 is reportedly not more difficult to use than earlier versions of software platform. There is apparently no new learning curve in the same way there was no learning curve when the iPods went color. While iOS 7 does look different, its core apps and system fundamentals (like the Lock and Home screens) mostly operate in a similar fashion to how they do today.

iOS 7 is codenamed "Innsbruck," according to three people familiar with the OS. The interface changes include an all-new icon set for Apple’s native apps in addition to newly designed tool bars, tab bars, and other fundamental interface features across the system.

So maybe it might be better than I expected.

This is supposed to be a test version of iOS 4 multitasking.


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It's inevitable, at some point the design of iOS will change and as far as I'm concerned, the sooner the better.

I'm bored with the current aesthetics of the, what seems to me an outdated old user interface and can't wait for something new and "lick-able". Something that gives me a feeling of happiness for "owning it ".

I say "At some point" because I'm afraid iOS 7 will not satisfy my hunger for new and tasty looking things. Considering the speed of which Apple makes changes to their OS they are referred to as "iterations" for a reason.

Not only that but with phones like the HTC One there is finally an alternative for my still beautiful iPhone 4 (altho it's getting a bit old) and I think holding a THC One would give me the same proud feeling of owning something high-end and pretty as an iPhone does.


This is a first for me and I can't seem to stop fantasising about what sort of changes to iOS would swipe this all of the table. There have been concepts, mockups and renders of all sorts but even the prettiest themes and templates don't cut it for me. They are just not good enough.

However, every now and then I see something and think "WOW, that looks really good, I want that!"

WOW, that looks really good, I want that!

My question is: What direction would you like to see iOS go in? Me myself am not sure. I guess the concept of having a more "flat" design appeals to me but it often ends up looking childish, or as a Verge-user called having a "fisher-price" look to it.

Here are some concepts I took an interested look at, they are from anyplace, anywhere, any OS.

(I did not bother finding out who designed or made what, but If it's you... tell me and I'll add the info)






Flat Icons:



Ebo Gyebi's post:


Google Now:


Android 4.2 Camera Menu:


Android LockScreen:


Android Gmail concept:


General Style (WP):



Notification Center:


Interface Concept A.

Interface Concept B:

The Clean and immersive Facebook Home:


As you can see, all of these concepts or existing things are far more current when it comes to design-clutter and full-screen immersiveness. I want all of them I just don't know in what combination and how.

What do you think?

(If you believe I missed out on one, let me know and I will add it.)

(Update 1: Added Ebo Gyebi's post)