Fragmentation says 'Hi' to Windows Phone 8?

There used to be a time when fragmentation used to be a non-existent problem among the WP devices and this factor proved to put Android to big shame. But times have changed and with the shift to WP and powerful 1 GB devices ,the budget lovers have been suffering greatly with their less powerful phones. Recently some intensive, demanding games like Batman TDKR, Modern Combat 4, Amazing Spiderman, Asphalt 7 managed to reach WP store but were compatible only to 1 GB devices. Same goes for Temple Run. 512 MB phones were promised optimised versions of the but it seems just like an unreachable light at the end of the tunnel. Asphalt 7 Heat proved to be an exception and made an appearance in the low end devices, and it performs beautifully.

But, recently the previously low end compatible games like Puzzle Craft and Gun Bros surprised us by losing the 512 MB status and becoming 1 GB compatible only. This is a very major and unexpected problem the majority of WP users have encountered, and inflicts a big blow, also making the future of WP more uncertain.

I was planning to buy the gorgeous but slightly under powered Lumia 720 when I stumbled across the fragmentation issues. I really love the OS and was ready to undermine the worrying games situation but fragmentation is a huge shortcoming that is just unbearable. And it gets worse when you compare the same specced Android phones running the games flawlessly that your equally powerful windows phone, simply can't.