Chromebooks: Primary computer for the average consumer?

Sorry, not quite sure where to post a chromebook thread, but android seems close enough. Anywho, I've noticed that in any comment or review that actually considers the chromebook to be more than just a paper weight, refers to the chromebook as a great "secondary" or "starter" computer. However I'd like to see if perhaps, the chromebook could be your primary device. Now just for a little information about myself, I got a samsung series 3 chromebook a little over a month ago, I have a desktop running windows at my house , although in truth I'm not all that fond of windows, and an old macbook. Ever since I got my chromebook I've been extremely happy with it, to the point where I've come to use it more than any other device I own. I have ubuntu on it as well, for whenever I sometimes need a desktop program, but more often than not I find myself looking for a web alternative first, the only time I find myself on anything other than my chromebook is when I need to play any pc games. So, I was thinking, maybe it's time we get past the circle jerk arguments of Cloud vs local storage, and web apps vs desktop programs which you'll find on any review of any chromebook (which by the way, all these things come down to preference,so there is no right or wrong side in these arguments), and seriously look at these odd devices and think "could this be the primary computer for the average consumer. Personally, I think the answer to that is yes, but what do you think? After all the chromebook has come a long way since it's netbook origins, It now has a variety of offline apps, including, most importantly, apps like google docs and the like, so what's your opinion? Could it work?