Android user with a few questions

So I've been an Android user for the last few years, I currently have a Galaxy Nexus, a Nexus 7 and an HP Touchpad running CM10. I'm also a massive fan of board games.

Unfortunately (for me at least), most of the tablet board game conversions that are coming out are iOS only. Because of this I am considering getting an iPad. Having considered the options, the full size 4th gen iPad seems like the option to go for for me, particularly as the UK online Apple shop has refurbed 16GB versions available.

As I've never owned an iOS product before, I have a couple of questions from you lovely Apple experts:

Do I need to install iTunes on my PC? I'd rather not if I don't have to, and I doubt I'd put music on the device, but I might want to drop the occasional torrented movie on it, is this possible without iTunes? Can I drag and drop like Android if I jailbreak?

My mobile phone contract doesn't include tethering, but I occasionally tether my N7 to my gnex through WiFi hotspot. Would I be able to do this with an iPad? Or is it more likely the network will pick up the tethering as the user agent is different? (I'm with 3 in the UK if any of you have any experience with this?)

Finally, and most importantly, is it a good idea to get a 4th gen iPad with WWDC coming up? Or is the 5th likely to be around the corner? I guess the fact I'm looking at refurbed models comes in to this, but it's only £60 more for new, so it may make sense to wait if it's only a month or two away?

I'd really appreciate any advice any of you could give me on the above, so thanks a lot!