rant about BlackBerry Z10

Apparently when the Z10 was being developed, some genius at RIM thought it would be a good idea to have Amber Alerts come to the phone accompanied by a loud, shrill noise. I can certainly see how this would be desirable for a corporate customer - can I have this go off during a business meeting? I'm sure BlackBerry customers have all been clamoring for this killer feature. Even better, there is apparently no way for the user to disable this "service." I called AT&T support. That's like talking to a tree stump. They transferred me to BlackBerry tech support, who don't know how to support their own phone. The "tech support" guy had no clue how to turn the Amber Alert feature off. Fucking morons. I like the Z10 hardware, but the OS often leaves something to be desired. When I am using my Windows Phone, I don't have this issue. Does anyone know how to disable Amber Alerts in BB10?