Product idea for a portable display

I have an idea for a product. I would like to know if anyone else would be interested in owning it if it was available. The idea is to make a tablet sized device that connects wirelessly to your desktop computer. It would look a lot like the Surface tablet and function in basically the same way, except that it would be used around your house and would have access to all the processing power, graphics capability, and hard drive storage that was available to your desktop computer. If you had a powerful enough desktop tower it could drive multiple displays each one set up on its own virtual machine. Here are a few features that might be included. 1. touch input and a high resolution screen with good viewing angle, and a well lit screen than can be used outdoors. 2. Good battery life (6-8 hours). 3. speakers, microphone and camera. 4. charging stand with the ability to add keyboard and mouse if desired. 4. HDMI output to mirror the display on a TV or projector. 5. Bluetooth and headphone jack. 6. 200-300 foot range. The device would receive a video signal from the PC and send back camera, touch inputs, mic., etc. It would not need a powerful processor and I think the display could be priced to compete with other displays and tablets on the market. Instead of buying a new tablet every few years consumers could just add on to their existing pc. The transmitter would be plugged into a slot on the motherboard and maybe cost another $100-200. Please comment and add your thoughts and ideas. I think it would be possible to make it for OSX or Linux in addition to windows 8. Thanks.