Will iPhone 5 and future iPhones will continue to out sell the Galaxy's phones?

SO.... All of this huge speculation that the S4 will finally over take iPhone in sales for the first time, But i think that is wrong. I been going around to best buy stores and AT&T, Verizon and Sprint stores just to be curious and no one is even caring about the S4 being out. I remember when the iPhone 5 came out, every wireless carrier that carried it was packed and Apple store in Kansas City, MO had campers Ect. Actually for once the Android phone that everyone is talking about is the HTC One, Which I am glad.... Samsung really shot themselves in the foot packing so many USELESS features in to a phone that regular non techies will ever use or figure out how to use. My opinion the two best smartphones on the market is HTC One and iPhone 5, I have the iPhone 5 and love it. Samsung is always known for coping and companies aren't putting out "revolutionary" hardware or new gadgets so there is nothing for Samsung to copy and since they don't introduce revolutionary or ground breaking products like other companies have, they just made a Samsung Galaxy Note, They shouldn't call it the S4.