I feel like we’ve been here before.

In any discussion about BlackBerry, “The Bold is the one you really want” is a line you could’ve used at practically any point in the last five years. And so it is again: When the full-touch Z10 started hitting retail earlier this year to mediocre reviews, you couldn’t help but think, “This isn’t BlackBerry’s wheelhouse. The Bold is the one I really want.”

Of course, it’s not actually called the Bold this time around, but the Q10 is the spiritual successor to BlackBerry’s flagship line of portrait QWERTY phones. Make no mistake, this is BlackBerry’s bread and butter—no one can lay a more authentic claim to the portrait QWERTY form factor than these guys can. (Arguably, that’s because no one else is really trying to make a good portrait QWERTY phone, but that’s another matter entirely.)

And like I said, I feel like we’ve been here before, because this is the part of the review where I tell you that the smartphone landscape has changed, that no one actually wants portrait QWERTY anymore, that full-touch is the only way to go. It’s the part where I say that the Q10 is trying to be the best of a dead and irrelevant breed, while the Z10 does little to make up the massive amount of ground that BlackBerry has lost to the iPhones, the Galaxy S4s, and the Ones of the world. It’s the exact same thing I could’ve told you two years ago when we were talking about the Touch, the Curve, and the Bold.

So has the story changed this time around? Who is the Q10 for? And is it seriously worth a look? Let’s find out.