Android is more about compromise than choice

I want an Android tablet and an Android phone. But I can not get a phone or tablet that hits all my check boxes from any Android OEM. Check this out:

Tablet -

"Retina" quality screen

8 inches

4:3 aspect ratio (far better for tablets)

32 GB Storage

Jelly Bean

That doesn't exist and no Android OEM has even hinted at making anything like that. I didn't include things like design quality or battery life either.

On the phone side I very much prefer hardware buttons over software ones yet the only option for me is the Galaxy S series which is unfortunately made of cheap plastic.

If I want a stock experience I can ONLY choose the Nexus series (oh and the HTC First). But they have compromises too like a lack of LTE or a top tier camera.

Hopefully one day Android will really about choice but as of now its just about compromise. And for the record it's the same, if not worse, with Windows 8. They have some time to get off the ground but I see Windows 8 falling into the same pit.