Yesterday I saw my first HTC One in the wild...

.. in Binghamton NY, of all places.

And the kid had it on Sprint.

I'm not sure if Sprint even has WiMax in Binghamton, let alone LTE. I really wanted to know how the Sprint store sold him the phone when there's no signal for him to take advantage of. But that would have been rude.

He was pretty stoked to have the phone (he'd picked it up about an hour before), upgrading from an Evo4G. when I asked what he thought of the skin he said "it feels really good in my hand". When I clarified that I was asking about the software he said "Well, it sure is different". It was probably too early for him to tell.

I asked about the user-accessible SIM and he said "of course it does not have a SIM, it's a Sprint phone". I would have shown him the SIM, but his friend was using the phone so I couldn't.

I've been on stock Android sine the Nexus One, I live in an area with a pretty abysmal T-Mo signal, I buy unlocked phones off contract and I'm still tempted by this phone.

So, would you get an HTC One if you could not get a good enough signal to truly take advantage?