A question about animations!


I just got my S4 on AT&T, and I noticed that the animation of launching apps on Nature UX is different than the stock JB animation.

when opening apps on the nature UX, the app window always starts at the center and spreads out.

I used to be on CM10.1 with S2 (i9100), and I prefer the stock JB animation, which starts to open the app from the place the app is located. if the app is on the lower left corner, it would start spreading out from that location, which looks really neat.

I wanted to ask if there's a way to change the animation to stock JB?

I think animation is part of the launcher, because if I install apex launcher, animation changes to stock JB.

I actually like the nature ux launcher and it'd be really great if i could also have the stock JB animation on it!

Would I need root? is this possible?

Thanks in advance!