HTC 8X/Lumia 820 owners, HELP!

My grandma is getting her first smartphone and I'm deciding which phone she should get. She specifically told me she wanted a blue phone with with a good camera. Any phone can become blue with the use of a protective case, but finding a phone with a good camera is a bit harder. It can't be too expensive either so GS3, GS4, iPhones are not viable options. The GS3 Mini, the HTC 8s and the Lumia 520 has pretty bad cameras from what I can tell.

So I'm left with the Lumia 820 and the 8X. The 8X is the best phone, spec-wise, but I've heard that it has issues like the soft-touch peeling off. Is it true, or is it a good enough phone?

Lumia 820 owners. Are you happy with your puchase? Would you pick the 820 again or would you perhaps choose the 8x?

Any info from L820/8X owners is appreciated :)

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your comments! Didn't expect to get so many and so fast. All in all it sounds like both devices are really good. I'll probably let grandma decide on her own from here on, since either of them has any big issues.