The Thing about Google I/O

Its a developers conference. Sometimes we as tech enthusiast get caught up in what will be the next thing, but honestly Google I/O is not just an Android launch is a developers conference designed to show developers what new stuff Google is implementing with it's services to help developers better integrate their services. One of the bigger things just always happens to be the new version of Android.

It seems the Android version this year will be 4.3. Which is fine because Google is honestly moving at light speed and they may need to slow things down just to give OEMs a chance to catch up a little. In addition if you look at the history Google has never announced a complete version change like 2.x to 3.x at Google I/O so I don't expect them to start now. However I do think we will see some great features added to this iteration and hopefully the complete removal of the "Tron" type of elements.

I think there will be a sleeper type of announcement at this years Google I/O, and it will be an update to Google TV. Many of you might laugh this off, but the GTV team already said lookout for announcements at Google I/O. I think Google TV will be updated to Android 4.1, with a new PDK to push for better app development in the TV space. This year is the year of the big screen....not a little watch. Everyone is trying to capture the TV market which still has not show a clear leader.

Sony has already recieved WiFi certification of the NSZ-GS8, which would be the successor to the GS7, in my opinion the best GTV box out. Yes, Better than the ASUS Cube. I predict at Google I/O we will see a Google TV announcement with new software running on this new Sony Box. In addition there will be a huge developer push with new application design guidelines and developer kit specifically for the large screen.

In the end with Roku already making serious moves, and Amazon and MS rumored to be working on a TV box, Google needs not to let the Google TV platform die. Regardless of its minor quirks moving the OS to mainline Android would help solve many of it's issues.